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Online Campus Summer Learning Information
Summer 2024

Essential Information About Success in FCPS Online Summer Courses

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General Information

All students must turn on their webcam for use in Zoom for their daily synchronous class.

The FCPS Online Campus does NOT offer self-directed Economics and Personal Finance (EPF). If you are interested in self-directed EPF, please register on the ACE Registration site.

  • complete and submit work as scheduled each day,
  • commit to spending 7.5+ hours per day on their academic course,
  • attend the live class each day (class times will be announced the Friday before the start of Summer Learning),
  • take all proctored exams at the scheduled dates, times, and locations,
  • register through ACE Registration, not in the Online Campus office.

Reminder of In-Person Exams: Students who cannot attend the in-person exams on the dates and times scheduled are ineligible for Online Campus Summer Learning courses and will be removed administratively without a refund.

Absences: Due to the shortened timeframe of Summer Learning, there are no excused absences. Students accumulating more than 2 days-worth of missed work-submission or class attendance are ineligible to earn course credit and will be administratively removed without a refund.

Due to the expedited nature of the courses, there are no deadline extensions. During summer, there are no retake options or flexibility in the work schedule/assessment schedule. Students are not permitted to start a course early or finish late to adjust for missing days of Summer Learning.

School counselors approve course selections, not the Online Campus staff. Contact ACE with registration questions or help with the registration system: call (703) 658-1201 or email: ACE Registration.

Learning Environment in an Online Class

Online courses take as much time as face-to-face courses.

Each day includes:

  • asynchronous online lessons,
  • a mandatory synchronous class,
  • assignments, and
  • assessments.

In an online course, students are responsible for learning. Students must be diligent and dedicated.

Students spend:

  • 80% of their time completing lessons, assignments, and assessments.
  • 20% of their time in the daily synchronous class.

The synchronous class has a specific, set time based on Eastern Daylight Time (EDT). Synchronous online sessions are not lectures. They serve as blended-learning environments. Teachers assess student understanding through activities and class interactions.

All students must turn on their webcam for use in Zoom for their daily synchronous class.

Student's Role in Online Learning

Students are expected to engage each day in the course content by:

  • taking an active approach to their learning,
  • scheduling time every day to work in the online course,
  • participating actively in the mandatory synchronous class,
  • communicating regularly with their teacher.

Teacher's Role in Online Learning

Teachers facilitate learning and support students by:

  • serving as mentors and guides,
  • creating and maintaining a culturally responsive classroom,
  • encouraging diverse and deeper thinking,
  • initiating discussions,
  • assessing student progress and providing feedback,
  • answering students’ questions,
  • informing parents/guardians of student progress.

Online Learning Strategies for Success

Online Summer Learning courses cover the full curriculum. Each day of an Summer Learning course covers 1-2 units of material and equates to 9 days of the school year. Many students find success when taking an online Summer Learning course. Others may struggle if they need face-to-face contact with their teacher and peers.

Successful online students:

  • prioritize their day,
  • establish and maintain a study schedule (7.5+ hours per day are recommended),
  • track their assignments,
  • attend the mandatory daily synchronous sessions,
  • seek the teacher’s assistance when they have questions or need clarification,
  • complete and submit work on time,
  • work well independently,
  • attend and complete face-to-face assessments at the mandatory scheduled times.

Questions? Contact the Online Campus 8am to 4pm Monday-Friday at (703) 503-7781 or Online Campus