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Getting Started with FCPS Online Campus Learning

Technology Checklist for FCPS Online Classes

(Click each item below and be certain to complete all steps in order to ensure your computer is ready for your online class)

Required Software & Hardware

The minimum technology requirements for your Online Course:

*If you have Microsoft Powerpoint or the Microsoft Office Suite, then you do not need the viewer.

**MAC support will not be provided by FCPS, but students can use MACs for their online classes with outside tech support.

See your course syllabus for any additional software requirements specific to your online course.

Basic Skills

You should know how to do the following on your computer:

FCPS Blackboard Learn 24/7

Your online course is located in FCPS Bb Learn 24/7. The course will not be available until your summer school teacher has contacted you.

In order for you to log on to your online course, you need to have a Blackboard user id and password.

  • FCPS students: your User ID is your student ID, and the password is the one used during the 2017-2018 school year.
  • For non-FCPS students: once your registration has processed and courses have been created in the FCPS Student Information System, a student ID will be issued to you. Your summer school teacher will be able to provide this when s/he contacts you on the teacher workday prior to the start of the course. Be sure to respond to your teacher's email, request your Student ID, and confirm your FCPS Bb Learn 24/7 access as soon as you receive that initial teacher email.

To access FCPS Bb Learn 24/7, log in at

All FCPS Bb Learn 24/7 accounts are linked to students' FCPS network accounts.

  • To change your FCPS password, go to Student Password Change
  • To reset a forgotten password, go to Student Password Recovery
  • If you are still having trouble with your account, contact the Online Campus at (703) 503-7781 and ask for, "Help resetting my my network password."

Using Windows 10 OS? Do NOT use the Microsoft Edge browser to access your online course. Use Firefox, IE, or Safari. If you encounter a problem using one browser, try another browser to see if the error is browser related.

FCPS Google Accounts for Education

Many Online Campus summer school courses use the FCPS Google Accounts for Education.

For both FCPS students and non-FCPS students, your FCPS Google Account for Education uses the same userid (student id) and password as your network account for FCPS Blackboard Learn 24/7.

Login to your FCPS Google Account here:

  • To change your FCPS password, go to Student Password Change
  • To reset a forgotten password, go to Student Password Recovery
  • If you are still having trouble with your account, contact the Online Campus at (703) 503-7781 and ask for, "Help resetting my my network password."

Blackboard Collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate is our virtual classroom application, where you will meet "live" with your teacher and classmates. Complete the steps below to make sure you can connect to a Collaborate session.

Step 1: Configuring your system: Go to Blackboard Collaborate Configuration Room. Use the Configuration Room to test your connection, settings, and configure your audio.

Helpful tips

If you did NOT successfully join the configuration room above, please contact Bb Collaborate Support at 1-877-382-2293 (open 24/7).

Step 2: Read "What You Can Do": The What You Can Do site will explain some of the participant features of BB Collaborate.

Step 3: Watch the Blackboard Collaborate Demo Video:

Step 4: Attend Orientation on the first day of your course: Your teacher will provide you with the link and time for the course orientation.

Students will not receive credit for attendance if they join a session on their mobile device. Mobile device users can only view the Whiteboard, not add content or contribute to the group pages.


All students must have a valid and active email account. Email is the main way that teachers will communicate with you and your parents.

If you do not have an email account that you personally check, talk to your parents about getting one. You can get a free email address from Gmail.

  • You must know how to check and send emails, as well as how to save attachments.
  • You will need to check your email account multiple times during the day.
  • You will not submit work through email, as all work is submitted directly through the FCPS Bb Learn 24/7 course.

Be certain your email address is up-to-date in your FCPS Bb Learn 24/7 account.

Update your personal information by:

  • Following this shortcut: Edit Bb 24/7 Personal Information
  • You can also reach your personal information from iniside FCPS 24/7 by:
    • Clicking on your name in the top-right of the Bb Learn 24/7 screen,
    • Choosing Settings,
    • Followed by Personal Information.

For help on reaching the personal settings menu and adding an avatar, watch this video:


HTML 5 Video: click the play button to check that your system settings allow for online video play.

Road to Perdition clip
***If video fails to play with your default browser, try using alternate browers, such as: Google Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox, Internet Explorer 11+, Safari (Apple)